the ugliest werewolf is isaac

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what a surprise derek is creeping around the school AGAIN

i bet the teachers don’t even care anymore

"didn’t this guy graduate like 10 years ago?"

"yeah but his entire family died in a fire so we just kind of let him stay"

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If you do this none of your past is going to remain hidden. (extended scene)

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oliver&felicity per episode:


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I’m tired of society and other people saying what I’m allowed to look like and what I’m allowed to wear”- Tess Munster on how #effyourbeautystandards came about (x)

I love this!!

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Eventually settling in a small town in Northern California, this family used their wealth the rebuild the community around them while remaining isolated from it. This was sometimes more a choice than a necessity as not all of their children would become werewolves. The ones that did, these born wolves, had to be trained.  They needed to learn control. They had a practice from the training of Betas. The tradition passed out through generations, nd involved the use of a sacred object called a Triskelion.”

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orphan black meme: 4 relationships [2/4] » felix and kira

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Q: Is there ever a moment when you forget Tatiana is this amazing actress who can play 20,000 people in half a second

Ari: I came in on the second season, so I was a fan before and I’ve been watching. I didn’t have multiple clone, if any, scenes. I just remember my first experience, it was second or third day on set and we were up at the ranch and you [Tatiana] were coming down the stairs, you had just filmed something upstairs like Helena in bed or something like that. 

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Teen Wolf » I.E.D. (4x05)

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lost girl meme: [2/6] friendships » Dyson and Hale
↳ I never said goodbye to Hale. It was always see you later, talk to you, or nothing at all. It was that look between old friends that said, “We’ll be together again soon.”

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Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow.

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