the ugliest werewolf is isaac

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Andy Samberg at the Fox Summer TCA All-Star Party

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bold what you prefer


merlin edition:

merlin or arthur
morgana or gwen
uther or gaius
leon or lancelot or gwaine
elyan or percival or mordred
nimueh or morgause or agravaine
elena or mithian or vivian
kilgharrah or aithusa
dragoon or dolma or assassin!merlin
protagonist!morgana or antagonist!morgana
prince!arthur or king!arthur
servant!gwen or queen!gwen
young!mordred or old!mordred
the high priestesses or the druids
excalibur or magic
dragons or the knights of the round table
tournament or bandit attack/attack in the forest
avalon or the isle of the blessed
camelot or ealdor
dorocha or the immortal army
journey for: the golden trident or the cup of life
arthur’s prince crown or arthur’s king crown
arthur’s chambers or gaius’s/merlin’s room
morgana’s hovel or gwen’s house
ygraine’s ring or balinor’s wooden dragon
merthur or arwen or other
colin morgan or bradley james
katie mcgrath or angel coulby
season 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Season 2 locations.

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Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger leurs-même.

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"Tommy, my trust fund is your trust fund." "No. That is the easy answer, and believe me, I have loved easy answers. What I need is a job."

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i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

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get to know me: [4/10] favorite female characters → Sara Lance (Arrow)

No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men

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I think the thing to take from Ian Somerhalder dating Nikki Reed is that he is in fact a vampire and so are Nina and Nikki, because only vampires date vampires and they’ve all played vampires on TV.

Such type casting. I mean, really. 

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Favorite character meme: 
↳ six scenes
 » [5/6]

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Everyone, I’m your new commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt.

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